Talks sessions will have 15 minute oral presentations, followed by a 30 minute panel discussion. There will be a “lightning talk” session for poster presenters, with a 5 minute presentation for each poster.

The papers in each session are:


  • From Abstract Agents Models to Real-World AGI Architectures (Ben Goertzel)
  • A Formal Model of Cognitive Synergy (Ben Goertzel)
  • Generic Animats (Claes Strannegård, Nils Svangård, Joscha Bach and Bas Steunebrink)
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Control in NARS (Pei Wang, Xiang Li and Patrick Hammer)
  • DSO Cognitive Architecture: Unified Reasoning with Integrative Memory using Global Workspace Theory (Khin Hua Ng, Zhiyuan Du and Gee Wah Ng)

Mathematical foundations


Safety and Philosophy

Human Cognition and Understanding

  • An Information-Theoretic Predictive Model for the Accuracy of AI Agents Adapted From Psychometrics (Nader Chmait, David Dowe, Yuan-Fang Li and David Green)
  • Understanding and Common Sense: Two Sides of the Same Coin? (Kristinn Thórisson and David Kremelberg)
  • The Pedagogical Pentagon: A Conceptual Framework for Artificial Pedagogy (Jordi Bieger, Kristinn R. Thórisson and Bas Steunebrink)
  • Bandit Models of Human Behavior: Reward Processing in Mental Disorders (Djallel Bouneffouf, Irina Rish and Guillermo Cecchi)


  • Generating Single Subject Activity Videos as a Sequence of Actions using 3D Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (Ahmad Arinaldi and Mohamad Ivan Fanany)
  • One-Shot Ontogenetic Learning in Biomedical Datastreams (John Kalantari and Michael Mackey)
  • The MaRz Algorithm: Towards an Artificial General Episodic Learner (Christian Rodriguez, Giselle Marston, William Goolkasian, Ashley Rosenberg and Andrew Nuxoll)
  • Analyzing Human Decision Making Process with Intention Estimation using Cooperative Pattern Task (Kota Itoda, Norifumi Watanabe and Yoshiyasu Takefuji)
  • Pursuing Fundamental Advances in Human Reasoning (was: Can AGI Beat Super-Reasoning Teams?) (Tim van Gelder and Richard de Rozario)


Important Dates:

  • Feb 15 workshop and tutorial proposals due
  • March 1 workshop and tutorial proposal acceptance notification
  • April 25 paper submission due (extended to MAY 1)
  • June 1 paper acceptance notification
  • June 10 camera-ready files due
  • July 1 workshop papers and demonstration proposals due
  • July 15 workshop and demonstration acceptance notification
  • Aug 15-18 conference

Link to Proceedings

Springer Nature will offer free online access for conference participants to the e-content of the proceedings for the period 8 August 2017 until 8 September 2017. This access will be made available through this link: AGI 2017 Online Content

Note that until Springer uploads the content, the link will respond with a PAGE NOT FOUND error.